Foredrag med David Kirk-Campbell

Introduction to Touching Dialogue

This talk, with an open flow of questions and response, will focus on:

  1. the how, what and why of Touching Dialogue.
  2. the contract (agreement as to goals) between the client and TD therapist
  3. how touch is used as a language of communication in TD
  4. the quality, meaning and vocabulary of touch in TD
  5. the skin as an often forgotten communication organ of the body
  6. the difference between being and doing
  7. how TD is creating a safe place for people to discover who they really are
  8. the psychotherapeutic principles underlying TD

This talk can be adapted to different audiences from non-professional to professional, from teen-agers to adults and from a group of eight to fifty. We can talk about the payment which depends on the size and nature of the group.

David Kirk-Campbell
Kovangen 422
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