Touching Dialogue International Training

The Touching Dialogue teachers, David Kirk-Campbell and Stefan Green Meinel, are offering an international training which consists of 5 weekends during a 2 year period and includes Skype-supervision and considerable homework.

In the below video, David Kirk-Campbell introduces Touching Dialogue and the international training.

Touching Dialogue, a presentation by David Kirk-Campbell at the European Association of Gestalt Therapy Conference, Berlin 9 September 2010.
Click to watch the video on YouTube (55 min.)

This touch therapy is different from most other body therapies in that it has the purpose to positively influence the unconscious decision pattern of the client/explorer as psychotherapy does.

Therefore, this is designed as an advanced course for people who are already trained or are currently training to become a psychotherapist.

Touching Dialogue is using the silent language of touch to fulfill, on the cellular level, emotional longings from early childhood, infancy and pre-birth.
Therefore, this training will emphasize:

1. ways to maintain clear boundaries of responsibility between client and therapist, even while not talking,
2. ways to increase the therapist’s touch sensitivity to the emotional messages coming from the tissue vibrations from within the client,
3. and ways to increase the capacity of the therapist for being a conduit for positive touch messages to influence the client’s unconscious motivational matrix for living.

This training increases one’s ability or dexterity to move awareness willfully between the sensation, emotion, thought, decision, internal observer and soul levels of awareness.
This dexterity is one of the keys to passing messages over the bridge of being between a therapist and client during the silent moments of touch or eye contact.

Therefore, this training requires much attention and intention to oneself outside of class.
Part of this training is exercises to be done in the context of normal living created to facilitate each person’s dexterity to move one’s awareness willfully between the levels mentioned in the first sentence of the previous paragraph.

In addition to these individual life-exercises, this training includes intentional exploration of what happens with our awareness during silence and minimal activity, giving practice sessions of Touching Dialogue, focused journal writing and Skype-supervision giving sessions to David and Stefan while receiving instant feedback as to the emotional message of your touch.

This training is envisioned as a mentor-mentee relationship between teacher and student within a small group context.

The responsibility for this training is with the founder of this therapy David Kirk-Campbell.
The training will be taught by David and Stefan Green Meinel.
With interest and questions you are welcome to contact David at phone (0045) 4848-5759 or