Workshop - David Kirk-Campbell

Body Reading

Learning what our walking and posture communicate to other people before we even speak, can help us integrate our past experiences and help us to set goals for our future personal growth. My own system of body reading focuses on:

  1. posture as seen from front, back, right and left
  2. skin tone showing us the emotional age of different parts of the body
  3. walking showing us the relation of our self image and our public image

David builds up an atmosphere of safety so that people feel secure to begin to learn about themselves in the context of the group.

One way for me to structure a workshop would be:

  1. group building exercise with some relation to body awareness so that participants would get to know me better
  2. introduction to my system of body reading
............a. drawings on flip over
............b. demonstration with my body
............c. examples from volunteers
  1. using this system to look at slides-I involve the group so that participants develop their own ability to see and perceive
  2. looking at pictures partipants bring
  3. doing body reading with volunteers from the group- takes about 20-25 minutes with each person. Volunteers decides how much skin they want to show the group. Most volunteers wear their underwear or a bikini bathing suit
  4. discussion of the relation between what our body language signals to others and what we want to communicate about ourself
  5. A closing round with drawing, about what participants have learned

This workshop is best in a two day format and can be compressed into one day. It works best with a group of ten to twenty people. If you have an interested group you may contact me to discuss the arrangements.

David Kirk-Campbell
Kovangen 422
3480 Fredensborg
Tlf. 4848 5759