Touching Dialogue Training in Hamburg

- for psychotherapists or equivalent level of skills
Information Seminar 22. June 2019 - 10am to 4pm
Lobuschstraße 12, 22765 Hamburg Ottensen
The information seminar will be much like a teaching day. There will be a round to present yourself, a guided meditation, a theoretical presentation - in this case a walk-through of the Touching Dialogue Training - time for questions, exercises for everybody to explore touch and non-verbal contact, and, finally, a demonstration of Touching Dialogue on a volunteer.

Touching Dialogue takes place dressed at all times.

Prerequisite: 4 year training as a psychotherapist or equivalent level of skills. Interest in gentle touch, deep non-verbal contact, combining body work with psychotherapy processes.

The information Seminar is free of charge.

Registration needed: Send your name, contact info and professional background to Stefan Green Meinel

Touching Dialogue training in Hamburg was suggested by Janna Schartner, who I have known for some years. Janna works in education/ therapeutic pedagogy, did training in Gestalt and lives in Hamburg.
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The information Seminar and all teaching will be at Lobuschstraße 12 - five minutes from trainstation Altona - get directions here Google Maps
  • Touching Dialogue - a synthesis of body work and psychotherapy

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    Touching Dialogue is about connecting with your body - feeling free inside, feeling the body's life and immediate reactions, being able to act from what you feel.

    Touching Dialogue is awareness for the body, it is an invitation to be calm, explore inner security, getting more clarity, clearer boundaries and more authenticity in contact with others.

    All this connects with the conversation-based therapy where it forms the basis for clearing up unresolved emotions, making wholehearted decisions, to experience oneself as a whole human being.

    Touching Dialogue has voluntariness and borderwork in its core. In session first thing is for the client to decide, whether he or she wants to work with touch or not. If so, there is a clarifying conversation - what is the purpose of working on the table? The purpose sets the framework and creates a focus for the therapeutic process. The client is placed twice during the session, so that both sides of the body receive equal attention. The session ends with a brief conversation that collects the process.

    Touching Dialogue takes place dressed. The client lies on a table and is carefully and respectfully placed with pillows under the legs and upper body, and with a blanket covering the body. Then there is some time for connecting with the body and the inner sensation of oneself while the therapist is touching the back. The touch is gentle and contactful. The session alternates between conversation and silence as it suits the process.
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    Touching Dialogue takes place dressed. The client lies on a table and is carefully and respectfully placed with pillows under the legs and upper body, and with a blanket covering the body. Then there is some time for connecting with the body and the inner sensation of oneself while the therapist is touching the back. The touch is gentle and contactful. The session alternates between conversation and silence as it suits the process.

    Touching Dialogue can be used for:

    • To create inner security
    • To connect with the inner self
    • Creating inner resource and permission for change (positive visualization)
    • To create coherence between body and mind
    • To investigate "what does the body say"
    • Getting to know the body's yes-no-maybe
    • To awaken the bodily memory
    • To work with shock and abuse
    • Working with inner child, including "emotional longing" from early childhood
    • To integrate deep and difficult processes with respectful and caring contact

    The teaching is based on apprenticeship (lehrlingsausbildung) with the main emphasis on practical teaching, working with each other under direct supervision. The group will have a maximum of 10 participants with individual attention for each student. There will also be small theory presentations and recurring rounds, where I gather up the process, review the curriculum and answer questions.

    Homework is about rehearsing - initially on friends and family, secondly on training clients and gradually with clients from your own practice. Homework can also be personal and creative tasks, with a focus on training bodily sensation, meditation/mindfulness and non-verbal contact. You organize the homework yourself. It can be spread out so that you practice a few hours a week, every week between the teaching days.

    We take the method bit by bit, where one part naturally leads to the next one, which together becomes a whole session. There is room for the professional aspect "how do I use TD with my clients" and for personal processes "this exercise affects my body, my feelings, my story". I have many years of experience with groups and processes, and it is important to me to create a safe learning space.

    You will continuously get feedback on how I see your development - what goes well and what you need to focus a little extra on - so that you can pass the examination with ease and start practicing Touching Dialogue right away.
  • Where & When

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    Lobuschstraße 12,
    22765 Hamburg Ottensen
    45m seminarraum, maximum of 10 participants

    Group teaching: 2.- 3. November 2019 (14 group teaching hours)
    Group teaching: 18.-19. January 2020 (14 group teaching hours)
    Group teaching: 28.-29. March 2020 (14 group teaching hours)
    Group teaching: 9.-10. May 2020 (14 group teaching hours)
    Individual teaching: 13.-14. June 2020 (individual 1 hour and 15 minutes)
    Group teaching: 22.-23. August 2020 (14 group teaching hours)
    Group teaching: 24.-25. October 2020 (14 group teaching hours)
    Examination: 14.-15. November 2020 (individual examination)

    Between the teaching days students are expected to do homework - practice on friends and clients, to do some writing and personal development exercises, 2-4 hours every week between teaching weekends.

    At all teaching every student must bring 2 sheets and 4 soft pillows - 2 at the same size as a “Kopfkissen” and 2 smaller ones.

    Teaching language: English
  • The Teacher

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    Stefan Green Meinel, b. 1968

    Gestalt Therapist, 2000
    Touching Dialogue Therapist, 2002
    Touching Dialogue Teacher, 2010
    Teacher of psychotherapy, 2012
    Member of The European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT),
    Board member of The Association For Psychotherapy (SFP),
    Teaching in Hamburg would be a dream come trough, since it makes me quite excited to work with people from different background and contries.

    I was trained in Touching Dialogue by the founder David Kirk-Campbell - for 2 years to become a TD Therapist and for 6 years to become a TD Teacher. I had my first TD session 25 years ago and decided almost instantly that I would do Touching Dialogue myself.

    David did some of his first TD teaching in Berlin in the late 1980s. Bringing TD to Hamburg would be like closing a circle.

    For some years I have been looking for a way to teach internationally. I was a presenter at the EAGT 10th conference in Berlin in 2010 and at Universidad Gestalt’s 6th international conference in Mexico City in 2013. I am part of an international Gestalt Skype group with members from Mexico and Japan. I really like the freshness and inspiration it gives to learn from differences in culture and therapeutic style.

    I have been a teacher of psychotherapy for 7 years and have a broad spectrum of experience. I emphasize a safe learning space, humor, respectfully exploring reactions and interactions.

    I welcome questions and reflections. Feel free to contact me by email or lets meet on Skype.
  • Cost

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    Cost: 2.000 €

    • 400 € when signing up
    • 200 € per month for 8 months beginning November 2019


    • 6 weekends / 12 teaching days / 84 group teaching hours
    • 2 x 1 hour individual Skype supervision
    • 1 x 1 hour and 15 min. individual teaching
    • Mandetory individual examination

    Maximum of 1 weekend of absence.
    Passed examination gives a diploma and the right to practice and present oneself as “Touching Dialogue Therapist”.
    Failed examination or too much absence gives a statement of how much of the teaching one has been present, with no right to practice and present oneself as “Touching Dialogue Therapist”.
    The training does not give the right to train others in Touching Dialogue.
  • What former students says

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    "I highly recommend Stefan as a teacher of Touching Dialogue. It is a super relevant training if you are a psychotherapist who want to involve the body more in the therapy. Stefan is a thorough, ambitious and humorous teacher, his learning space is safe and present ~ Anna Bentzen, Psykoterapeut MPF“

    "For me, it was a day of joy to step in with Stefan for the first teaching session. Finally, I had found the body therapy I had long been looking for - gentleness, conversation and the deep non-verbal contact between the client and the therapist - the learning space was calm and safe with room for the here and now.
    Stefan met us with openness, curiosity, super-prepared and was fantastic at creating a positive learning space. The teaching was structured in a meaningful way
    ~ Viviana Kold, Psychotherapist”

    "Touching dialogue is the experience of new landscapes to be considered. As a therapist an insight into the very deep conditions, a new sense of presence and contact. The resources, the care and the gentleness of this deep state appear to me. Both in conversation and on the bench. Being with clients in this fine place opens up new doors and opportunities for my further therapeutic work. A new journey has begun ….. ~ Jonas Borup, Psychotherapist MPF”

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